Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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From Oct 20–26 we're selling goodie bags for $10 each to benefit the Stacey Davis Breast Cancer Fund!

Carroll County’s NEW, Beautiful & Stress-free Yoga Studio!

Center Street Yoga… Continuing the passion, commitment and dedication to your health and wellness.

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All classes taught by Charm City Yoga trained instructors.

  • Hot Vinyasa: By heating the room to 85-95 degrees your body is warmed allowing for deeper stretching. The muscles, tendons and ligaments become soft and more flexible. The heat promotes sweating which is a method of cleansing to aid in the healing aspects of this style.
  • Vinyasa: A vigorous style of yoga with breath synchronized movement without the heated room.
  • Beginner: A slower-paced class with more description and commentary accompanying the postures. Breath awareness is introduced as well as relaxation.
  • BodyFlow: A blend of tai chi, yoga and Pilates choreographed to music for a total mind body experience.
  • Community Class: Open to all levels and given at a discounted rate.
  • NEW - Kripalu Posture and Alignment Clinic: Yoga Posture and Alignment class. A class for beginner and continuing yoga students who want to focus on correct form and alignment while challenging themselves to fully express each pose by holding each pose for longer periods.
  • Intro to Yoga: For the beginner - classes that are offered on Wed AM at 9:00 as well as Saturday at 11!

According to the U.S. government, 53 percent of all illness is caused by lifestyle choices. That makes daily meditation and Yoga Science the cheapest and most practical form of health insurance available.