Monday Nights at 7:30

Ready to Advance Your Yoga?

Challenge yourself with our 3-Star Hot Vinyasa class starting in March!

Carroll County’s NEW, Beautiful & Stress-free Yoga Studio!

Center Street Yoga… Continuing the passion, commitment and dedication to your health and wellness.

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All classes taught by Charm City Yoga trained instructors.

  • Vinyasa: A vigorous style of yoga with breath synchronized movement without the heated room.
  • Hot Vinyasa: By heating the room to 85-95 degrees your body is warmed allowing for deeper stretching. The muscles, tendons and ligaments become soft and more flexible. The heat promotes sweating which is a method of cleansing to aid in the healing aspects of this style.
  • NEW - Advanced Hot Vinyasa: Have you been practicing regularly? Are you ready for a challenge? This class will incorporate more inversions and advanced postures!
  • Power Yoga: A 75 minute heated Yoga/Pilates conditioning class to develop strong bodies and minds.
  • Beginner: A slower-paced class with more description and commentary accompanying the postures. Breath awareness is introduced as well as relaxation.
  • BodyFlow: A blend of tai chi, yoga and Pilates choreographed to music for a total mind body experience.
  • Community Class: Open to all levels and given at a discounted rate.
  • Therapeutic Yoga: Slow moving yoga ideal for beginners, seniors, or anyone who wants to learn to use yoga to help reduce common aches and pains due to tightness and loss of range-of-motion.
  • Intro to Yoga: For the beginner - non-heated classes that are offered on Wed AM at 9:00 and heated classes are offered on Tue PM at 6:00!

I have been taking the Community Hot Vinyasa classes once a week for the past month at Center Street Yoga. I love every class… The instructors really tailor every class to fit all levels of yoga… If you are nervous about trying yoga or are curious about the classes at all – I HIGHLY recommend you come try it at Center Street Yoga.