About Center Street Yoga

Hot Yoga Comes to Westminster!

Our mission at Center Street Yoga is to bring the universal practice of yoga to Carroll County residents in a beautiful and stress-free Westminster location. Beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners can find a yoga class that matches their need for experienced instructor-led exercise, breathing and/or meditation. Learn more about our instructors ›

Why Yoga is for You

Benefits of Yoga Busy Adult Active/Athletic Recuperating
Relieve stress x x x
Increase balance and flexibility x x x
Strengthen muscles x x x
Lose Weight x x x
Align and tone the body x x x
Relieve Joint Pain x x x
Promote healthy breathing x x x
Promote mental Clarity x x x
Achieve relaxation x x x

According to the U.S. government, 53 percent of all illness is caused by lifestyle choices. That makes daily meditation and Yoga Science the cheapest and most practical form of health insurance available.